Registration Process

The user has to complete the registration process as instructed by site. Without completing registration process, user will not be able to login the site. While registering, do not forget to complete the mobile number verification process. In mobile number verification, site will send you a verification code on mobile number provided by you. Please enter the code in the space provided. Your registration will complete once you enter the correct code and you will be able to enjoy WomanHike services.

Please enter valid and in-use email id since you will receive various notifications and communications on email id.

This is essential to provide a secured online world to female users.

Providing the email id and mobile number, we understand that you authorize us to send any communications and / or notifications to you, in any suitable form, if felt necessary. If you do not wish to receive such communication, please convey us through ‘Contact Us’ page.

Wall Access

Any member, who is not your friend, will able to view your friends’ list only. All other walls and pages will not be accessible to other member who is not your friend. To view entire wall or profile of the member, you need to become her friend. However, if you receive any friend request from another member, you will be able to view her profile in addition to friends list.

Fake / Abuse / Spam Reporting

We have provided the facility of spam / abuse / fake reporting, of any communication or member id, to members. If any activity of any member is reported as abused or spam, that member will receive a warning for maximum three times, if the post is found to be ‘abuse or spam’. Afterwards, the site will suspend the account of the member or that account may be deleted if felt necessary.

If any account or id is reported as spam or fake, the site, after scrutiny, may suspend the account or id. That account or id may be deleted permanently if felt necessary.

The company or site or administration may block any e-mail id or mobile number permanently from the site, if felt necessary, and the same could not be able to sign up again for the site.

Inviting a Friend

A member can invite the friends to join by entering only e-mail id or only mobile number. It is suggested to invite the member by both the email id and mobile number.

Uploading a Post

A member can upload a post on common wall, friend’s wall or member wall for friends or only herself. Option to upload for public or for specified friends is not provided on these walls. The thought behind the concept is to encourage the member to get connected to every friend of her without any prejudice mind and to share the happiness through posts with everyone.

A member can upload the post for public on Global wall, which will be published after moderation by the administrator. The post uploaded on Global wall will be examined by admin team of site and will be published if found suitable. Global wall is accessible to all the members of

It is suggested to upload good, social, motivating, etc posts (text or pics) on global wall.

Video uploading

For uploading a video post, currently, a member has to upload a link for video (eg. Youtube link, etc). Soon, we will be providing a facility to upload a video file up to certain permitted size which we will notify on home page or common wall page.

Gift Eligibility

A member with highest number of friends invited may become eligible to receive an exclusive WomanHike gift. For the same, number of friends actually signed up through such invitations will be considered for gift eligibility. The scheme is run for each month and the members signed up in this month will be considered for the scheme.

Also, the company has decided to award a gift to a member with highest likes for posts on global wall or it’s inner walls i.e. Articles, Kitchen Recipes, Artwork and this eligibility will be evaluated per month and gift will be given per month.

However, company reserves right to modify / delete OR withdraw fully the scheme of gift without any notice or prior intimation.

To Block Unwanted Member

To block friend request from any unwanted member, go to that member’s wall and click on "Block" button. You can "Unblock" that member with same procedure.


The member can download the android link to access the site on her mobile phone.

Blog Artwork

Under section "ARTWORK", any user can send a high resolution soft photo file about theme photographs (snapped by high resolution camera), any painting work, murals, handcraft / paper craft designs, photos of statues, sand art photos, and photo of any other art. The file should be in JPG / PNG format.

This section has been designed to present, promote and motivate the various types of arts amongst female users.


"Dashboard" has been designed to redirect the member to required page at the earliest. The member can suggest the tab which they feel to be included on Dashboard.

Blog Article

Under section "Article", a user can send the literature written by her for online publishing. This may include any article, poems, stories, thoughts, or any other write up which is good for the people. The file should be in PDF / word format.

Group Invitation / Joining

A member can invite only friends to groups. On the other hand, a member can send request to join group only with friends.


We encourage all female users to send the useful tips for WomanHike members. The tips, if found suitable, will be displayed on the site along with name of the sender.

If any member receives any friend request, any message or any notification, the tabs near ‘search bar’ will get activated and will be highlighted in "White" color.

Resume Uploading

Member can upload her resume through "Upload Resume" link. Please enter the title as suggested to group the resumes of various fields / educational qualification. This is our best effort to provide the good opportunities to the members but do not guarantee the job / recruitment of the members. However, we do not charge anything for this facility.

Kitchen Recipes

We encourage member to send her recipes for online publishing of the same with a picture of recipe in jpg format. Member, with highest likes of recipe, will receive a gift from WomanHike per month. Please send the recipe in the format as displayed on Recipe page.

WomanHike (ISSN) Research Journal

The journal will be published per month. The platform has been provided for candidates, such as Ph.D. / M.Phil. candidates, to publish the articles, as required by the respective courses, on ISSN registered journal. For more details, please visit our WomanHike Research Journal page.

Photo Album

Member can create her photo albums with required details for more accurate information to her and her friends. These albums will be visible to her friends only.


This facility has been provided to member to keep record of any future activity for reminder. The website will flash a light image on the date of reminder on common wall page. The member can record such plans on monthly / yearly or single-time basis.

Address Book

Here member can store the required and detailed addresses (including contact number, email ids, etc.) of the loved once which can be accessed any time.


By any chance, if you do not find the required help topic, please report us through "Contact us" tab.

For the Gift Scheme, please read the terms and conditions on Terms page.